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About us

About us

ARC-Kranj, d.o.o. was established in 1993 as a family company. Since the very beginning, our primary sphere of activity has been the wholesale of household goods of established and world known brands to meet the needs of our costumers and provide for a better everyday life. The company's main advantage is in offering our costumers innovative new products of highest quality as a result of several-year research, costumer demands and trends of modern life.

In 1994, the company began with the distribution of products of a world-leading brand Aquafresh, owned by the multinational company Glaxo Smith Kline. In a relatively short time, the company managed to expand to other brands of the same company with Aquafresh products achieving top market shares in the Slovenian market. In 1995 the company attracted two more multinational companies, Sara Lee and BIC, offering Slovenian customers an even wider assortment of products, thus building on its image and strength. The multinational company SCA and its brands came to Slovenia in 1998, establishing the company as one of the leading in its sphere of activity. Since the establishment, the company has invested in the quality of its products and services and the business  volume continues to expand together with superior achievements and innovations, which in the recent years resulted in attracting more multinational companies, JTI, SC Johnson and Monster Energy.

The company boasts continuous development and growth as a result of business expertise investments. Today the company provides a creative working atmosphere to 80 employees, whose ideas and endeavor lead the company towards new goals and achievements in the long-run.

ARC-Kranj, d.o.o. has a commitment to social responsibility that is reflected in various humanitarian activities with donations and sponsorhip. In close cooperation with our business partners we have so far carried out several projects: 'Total na Tolar kolo', Helping Slovenian Families in Need together with the famous TV show Spet Doma, and 'Znanje za jutrišnje sanje'.

The company's vision is to be and remain among the best, to set new standards and trends to modern business, to respect the customer and employees and to protect the environment. Our aim is to create added value for our customers and bring the newest products of established brands to improve our customer's everyday life.

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