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Sponsorship and donations

Sponsorship and donations


ARC-Kranj, d.o.o. is a sponsor of Aero Club Akrobati Kranj and its activities.

Tomo Poljanec, an aerobatic pilot, a glider pilot, a member of the national aerobatic representative team and a national champion in aerobatic competition flying (2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006) competed for the first time in 1999 with an American aerobatic airplane PITTS and won 1st place in the Sportsman category in Murska Sobota.

Their aerobatic airplanes attended several major events and aerobatic competitions: the Event at Tromeja, the appearance at the world parachute champion event at Lesce, Rally Saturn, Radovljica Akro 2003 Open, National Championship Akro Divača 2004, World Championship AWAC 2004, National Open Flying Championship in Slovenj Gradec in 2005, National Open Aerobatic Championship AKRO 2006, and many other.

In 2003 in Sweden, Mr. Poljanec also achieved 2nd place at the European championship in the category „advanced“ . Furthermore, again in Sweden in 2004, he achieved 4th place at the World championshiop in the „free“ category, 4th place in the „first unknown programme“, and 7th place in the regular programme.

Recently, he also acquired a new airplane: an aerobatic airplane Giles G-202, an extraordinary top-level new-generation aerobatic airplane of the class „unlimited“. Its development is based on the latest computer technology and the finest and modern materials, often used for military airplanes and Formula 1.

For further information and data on airplanes, their pilots and results of championships, please visit the following two web pages:

Formula Aerobatic Race and Acro Poljanec


Karate Club Shokotan was founded in 1979 under the name Shokotan karate klub Gumar Kranj. It ascended from close cooperation with Gumar sports association, their general sponsor at Sava Kranj rubber manufacturer. With the closing of Gumar sports association, the club was renamed into KK Shokotan Kranj in 1997. The club is a registered member of Karate Federation of Slovenia.

Since the very beginnings, the main instructor was Mr. Vojo Ašanin (master 4th Dan). He became active already in 1975 in Karate club Naklo, which was led by Mr. Milan Pagon. Following the end of KK Naklo in 1979, he joined the Karate Club Emona Ljubljana and the sensei Tokuhisi Takashiju (master 6th Dan), with whom he remained in close contact until today.

In the past years, many young karateists and karate masters have been trained in the club. Members are taking part in all major national and international tournaments. Once a year they organise the already traditional international Shokotan karate tournament, often also challenging cup and national competitions.


More information about teams and current result can be found at - FC Hrastje

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